Creative Projects

MyKids Unite is a female driven cartoon series featuring the Rockin’ MyKids Band animated music videos. The MyKids Unite Team Celebrate Friendships for All, Kindness to Animals and a Healthy Planet Earth! 

Dancers, Words & Art” is an illustrated book about Risa Leigh’s life with her daughter Florentina, a savant artist with special needs. This visual book journey’s through the adoption of Florentina from Romania, her vaccine injury after arriving in the USA, *discrimination and abuse within the public school system and ultimately rising above to stay true to who they are by finding their voice through art, writing and forgiveness.  Currently writing. 

MyKids Unite Celebrate Friendships for All! Illustrated Book and Inclusion Revolution Lesson Plan. Inspired by Florentina, an Artist with special needs who just wants to have friends and be accepted for who she is. Bright, colorful illustrations and unique characters, this enlightening story captures the imagination of kids, young and old!

Nationwide Billboard Campaigns

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Art Created by Florentina – an artist with special needs who found her voice through art and music! Copyright 2006 – 2020 – All Rights Reserved and Fiercely Protected!